Vet360 Index History


Edition Date Topics Author Sections CPD
801 Mar-21 How Baby Boomers and Millennials View Leadership Garcia, E Social Media / Business
801 Mar-21 The Malformed Canine Heart Capuzzi, J CPD Article CPD
801 Mar-21 Ocular Ultrasonography Part 2: Ocular Abnormalities Mauchlen, S IMV Imaging Insights
801 Mar-21 Veterinarians’ Guide to Negotiating Reasonable Restraint of Trade Agreements Prinsloo-Van der Heever, T Legal
801 Mar-21 Therapeutic Approach to Patients with Superficial Corneal Ulceration Venter, I Ophthalmology
801 Mar-21 An Approach to Pelvic Fractures in Clinical Practice Elliot, R Orthopaedics
801 Mar-21 Vitamin D Deficiency in Cats Unistel Pets Advertorial
801 Mar-21 The ABCs of Veterinary Dentistry:”X” is for Intraoral X-rays Bellows, J Dentistry
705 Nov-20 Suicide Prevention: How to be Someone’s Person Berglund, M Wellbeing
705 Nov-20 An Overview of Interdog Aggression Pypers, A Behaviour
705 Nov-20 The Blue Patient: Approach to Respiratory Emergencies in Small Animals Atkinson, BK CPD Article
705 Nov-20 Ocular Ultrasonography in Small Animals – Part 1: Patient Preparation, Technique and Normal Appearance Mauchlen, S IMV Imaging Insights
705 Nov-20 How to Engage Cat Owners in Lifelong Preventive Care Garcia, E Business
705 Nov-20 Help with Challenges in Eyelid Surgery Ofri, R Surgery
705 Nov-20 The ABCs of Veterinary Dentistry: When Waiting is Wishful Thinking Bellows, J Dentistry
704 Sep-20 Anaesthesia and Management of Peri-Anaesthetic Hypotension for Critical Patients  Mazzaferro, E Anaesthesia
704 Sep-20 Managing Immune-Mediated Haemolytic Anaemia Johnson, C CPD Article CPD
704 Sep-20 ACVIM Consensus Statement on the Treatment of IMHA in Dogs van der Merwe, L CPD Article (cont.)
704 Sep-20 Glossary and Definitions in Canine: Blood Transfusions – Separate Your Ps From Your Qs van der Merwe, L CPD Article (cont.)
704 Sep-20 How to Create a Veterinary Practice Website That Wows Sanchez, R Business
704 Sep-20 How to be a Veterinary Social Media Superstar DVM360 Business
704 Sep-20 Diagnosis and Management of GI Motility Disorders Jergens, AE Gostroenterology
704 Sep-20 From Periphery to Perception: The Pathway to Pain Dowdy, SM Pain Management
704 Sep-20 The ABCs of Veterinary Dentistry: “W” is for Waiting to Treat Bellows, J Dentistry
703 Jul-20 Understanding the Use of Antibody Titres in Veterinary Practice Boatright, K Immunology
703 Jul-20 Pneumothorax as an Imaging
Diagnosis in Small Animal Patients
Dinham, K IMV Imaging Insights
703 Jul-20 Hypothermia: Foe More Than Friend Justin F. Grace Medicine
703 Jul-20 Common Dilemmas in Epilepsy De Decker, S CPD Article CPD
703 Jul-20 Possible IMHA Dog – Now What? Johnson, C Medicine
703 Jul-20 What Lives in the Dog’s and Cat’s Gut? Becvarova, I Nutrition
703 Jul-20 Image Quiz: Can you Name These Ophthalmic Conditions? Joslin, A Ophthalmology
703 Jul-20 Advanced Dental Procedures for Pets: What’s Possible? Altier, B Dentistry
702 May-20 Up Your Communication Game with Younger Clients DVM360 Business
702 May-20 Prevent Perioperative Hypothermia by Bringing the Heat to the Surgical Suite Dowdy, SM Business
702 May-20 Retrenchment in a Veterinary Practice: Implementation within a COVID-19 Economic Environment Christie, A Business
702 May-20 Tips for Setting Up a Surgical Suite Elliot, R Top Tips
702 May-20 Vaccine Aims to Nip FIP in the Bud Dowdy, SM Medicine
702 May-20 Is it Pain or Dysphoria? How to Tell the Difference and
What to do About it
Carter, H Pain Management
702 May-20 Antimicrobial Stewardship: Canine and Feline Urinary
Tract Infection
Engelbrecht, M CPD Article CPD
702 May-20 Ear we go Again: Improve Your Otitis Diagnostics Dowdy, SM Medicine
702 May-20 When Things Go Wrong in the Feline Pancreas Capuzzi, J Medicine
702 May-20 The ABCs of Veterinary Dentistry: ‘V’ is for Ventilation Monitoring Bellows, J Dentistry
701 Feb-20 The Next Recession is Coming: Here is What to do Now Salois, M Business
701  Feb-20 Local Anaesthetics A Review and New Applications Kadwa, R Anaesthesia
701  Feb-20 GDV: It Doesn’t Have to Make Your Stomach Turn Fullagar, B CPD Article CPD
701  Feb-20 Thrombosis and Thromboembolism in Small Animal Patients Dinham, K Diagnostic Imaging
701  Feb-20 Managing Recurrent UTIs in Pets Fender, K Urinary Tract
701  Feb-20 CBD: Forget the Legal Issues: Does it Work in Veterinary Patients? Johnson, C Pharmacology
701  Feb-20 Key Points for Managing Cutaneous Mast Cell Tumours in Dogs Childress, M Oncology
701  Feb-20 The ABCs of Veterinary Dentistry: “U” is for Ulcers Bellows, J Dentistry
605 Nov-19 The Importance of saying “Thank You “ Garcia, E Business
605 Nov-19 The new Client Concierge Garcia, E Business
605 Nov-19 Diagnosis and Management of Otitis Leisewitz, A Dermatology
605 Nov-19 Progesterone Concentration: Simplifying Canine Reproduction De Kramer, K CPD Article CPD
605 Nov-19 Placing Wound Soaker Catheters in Dogs Hirshenson, M Surgery
605 Nov-19 The ABCs of Veterinary Dentistry: “T” is for Treatment Bellows, J Dentistry
604 Sep-19 Safeguarding your Online Reputation The Hidden Power of Google Reviews Garcia, E Business
 604 Sep-19 Unpacking Feline Dementia: A Veterinary Guide Stilwell, N Feline Medicine
 604 Sep-19 Where are we with Cruciate Surgery in Dogs? Ness, N Surgery
 604 Sep-19 The ABCs of Veterinary Dentistry: “S” is for Supernumerary teeth Bellows, J Dentistry
 604 Sep-19 Feline Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex Leisewitz, A Dermatology CPD
 604 Sep-19 The Proper Use of Topical and Oral Cortisteroids Vitale, C Pharmacology
 604 Sep-19 Feline Constipation: Relieving a Hard Problem Scherk, M Medicine
 603 Jul-19 Feline Allergic Dermatitis Leisewitz, A Dermatology
 603 Jul-19 7 Steps to a High Performance Practice Robinson, A Business
 603 Jul-19 Brachycephalimania Steckler, D Respiratory Disease CPD
 603 Jul-19 Upper Airway Causes of Dyspnoea in Dogs Elliot, R Respiratory Disease CPD
 603 Jul-19 Tracheal Stenting for Tracheal Collapse Pazzi, P & Cilliers, A Respiratory Disease CPD
 603 Jul-19 Geriatric Veterinary Dentistry: How old is too old to make it right? Bellows, J Dentistry
 603 Jul-19 Optimising an Indoor Lifestyle for Cats Scherk, M Behaviour
 602  Apr – 19 Dealing With Noise Phobia in Dogs and Cats Sonntag, Q Behaviour  CPD
 602  Apr – 19  The 5 waves of change Robinson, A  Business
 602  Apr – 19 Recruitment, Retention and Resilience Robinson, A  Business
 602 Apr – 19 The use of Imepitoin on Fear and Anxiety Related Problems in Dogs – a Case Series Kevin J. McPeake, Daniel S. Mills,  Abstract
 602 Apr – 19 Medical mistakes Berglund, M  Business
 602 Apr – 19 Scrotal Castration versus Prescrotal Castration Kimberly Woodruff, Philip A. Bushby, Karla Rigdon-Brestle,  Robert Wills, Carla Huston,  Surgery
 602 Apr – 19 Food Trials in Canine Allergic Skin Disease Leisewitz, A  Dermatology
 602  Apr – 19 Pet Export: Avoid These Common Pitfalls Anouska, R [compiled]  Legal
 602  Apr – 19 ‘R’ is for Retained, Primary, Decidous Teeth  Dentistry
 601 Feb – 19 Get your Fix on Fracture Repair  Bellows, J  Surgery
 601 Feb – 19 5 Ways to Achieve Immediate and Maximal Profitability from your Practice  Robinson, A  Business
 601 Feb – 19 Exclusive Report: New study Reveals Insights into Pet Owners’ Purchasing Decisions Fender, KR  Business
 601 Feb – 19 [CPD] Histology and Immunophenotyping on Lymph Node and Spleen Samples  Clift, S  Oncology  CPD
 601 Feb – 19 [CPD] Aggressive versus Palliative: Veterinary decision trees for pet cancer Childress, M  Oncology  CPD
 601 Feb – 19 Diagnosis and Management of Cutaneous Drug Reactions in Dogs and Cats  Leisewitz, A Dermatology
 601 Feb – 19 The ABCs of Veterinary Dentistry: ‘Q’ is for Quality, not Quantity  Bellows, J  Dentistry
 505 Nov-18 Is Tramadol the new Placebo?  Fender, K R  Journal Scan
 505 Nov-18 The ABCs of Veterinary Dentistry  Bellows, J  Dentistry
 505 Nov-18 Capital Expenditure in a Vet Practice  Christie, A  Business
 505 Nov-18 Aspiration Pneumonia  McClure, V  Small Animal Medicine
 505  Nov-18 The Truth about Antihistamine use in the Allergic Dog  Hillier, A  Dermatology
 505 Nov-18  Proteinuria and the Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease in Cats  van der Merwe, L  CPD  CPD
 505 Nov-18  The Finger Points: Injecting Common Sense into your Regional Anaesthesia Strategy  Dogan, H  Surgery
 504  Sept-18 The ABSc Veterinary Dentistry  Bellows, J  Dentistry
 504 Sept-18 Sialoadenosis and Limbic Epilepsy van der Merwe, L  Gastro-Enterology
 504  Sept-18 Salivation Abnormalities of Neorogenic Origin  Song, R B  Neurology
 504  Sept-18 The use of Allergy Serology and Allergen Specific Immunotherapy (ASIT)  Last, R  Dermatology
 504 Sept-18 6 Mistakes to avoid in the Veterinary ER  Lee, J Emergency Medicine
 504 Sept-18  AFAST3 for You and Me  Pachtinger, G  Surgery
 504 Sept-18 Maximizing Histopathology in Oncology  Last, R CPD CPD
 503 Jul-18 Gastrointestinal Therapy  Botha, W CPD CPD
 503 Jul-18  The ABCs of Veterinary Dentistry  Bellows, J Dentistry
 503 Jul-18  Techniques for Better Radiographs  Fabiani, M Diagnostic Imaging
 503 Jul-18  Feline CKD Therapeutic Goals  Wooten, S J Feline Medicine
 503 Jul-18  Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca (KCS)  Allen, R Ophthalmology
 503 Jul-18 Light Anaesthesia Anxiety  Claude, A Anaesthesiology
 503 Jul-18 Cranial Cruciate Ligament Injuries in Dogs  Snell, W Surgery
503 Jul-18 A Brief Manifesto for Happy Team Relations Nicol, D Business
502 May-18 Living with FeLV-Infected Cats  Olah, G CPD Accredited Article CPD
502 May-18 The ABCs of Veterinary Dentistry – “M” is for Malposition and Malocclusion Bellows, J  Dentistry
502 May-18 Artefacts in Radiographs – an Old Topic Digitally Revised le Roux, C Diagnostic Imaging
502 May-18 Introduction to Direct Digital (DR) Imaging Evans, K Advertorial
502 May-18 Medical Management of Urinary Incontinenece in Dogs van Schoor, M Urology
502 May-18 Surgical Procedures for Urethral Sphincter Mechanism – Incompetence in Bitches Coetzee, GL Surgery
502 May-18 Hepatic Lipidosis – Maximising a Successfull Outcome Cornejo, L Feline Medicine
501 Mar-18 Real Veterinary Hiring Problems (and Solutions) Nicol, D Business
501 Mar-18 Journal Scan: Radiation for Sialocoeles van der Merwe, LL Journal Scan
501 Mar-18 Enrichment for Small Mammals Pritt, S Exotics
501 Mar-18 Differentiating a Heart or Lung Cough Wooten, S Respiratory
501 Mar-18 Arthritis, Obesity and Chronic Pain Gaumnitz, J Surgery
501 Mar-18 The ABC’s of Veterinary Dentistry: Advanced Disease: L Bellows, J Dentistry
501 Mar-18 Sample Collection for Cytological Evaluation Hooijberg, E CPD Accredited Article CPD
501 Mar-18 Placing Esophagostomy Tubes in Cats Hirshenson, M Nutrition
501 Mar-18 From Cloudy to Clear: Effusions made Easy Hooijberg, E Clinical CPD
301 Feb-16 Anaesthesia in Patients Suffering with a Heart Murmur Zeiler, G, Buck, R Anaesthesiology
401 Feb-17 Epidural Anaesthesia and Analgesia Anaesthesiology
404 Aug-17 Medetomidine Premedication for Caesarean Section in the Bitch de Cramer, K Anaesthesiology CPD
201 Feb-17 Sterilisation – Behaviour Effects Hurley, F Behaviour
301 Feb-16 Separation Anxiety in Dogs Behaviour
405 Oct-17 Compulsive Disorders in Dogs Hurley, F Behaviour CPD
406 Dec-17 Cogitive Dysfunction in Cats and Dogs van der Merwe, LL Behaviour CPD
101 Sep-17 Market Dynamic Business
101 Sep-17 Sell Your Service Business
101 Sep-17 What Makes a Difference in Veterinary Practice Business
202 Mar-15 The 10 most Common Pricing Errors made by Vets: Part 1 Business
203 May-15 The 10 most Common Pricing Errors made by Vets: Part 2 Business
204 Jul-15 Valuation of your Practice for Selling Business
303 Jun-16 Management of Working Capital Business
405 Oct-17 The Tyranny of Choice in the Exam Room Nicol, D Business
204 Jul-15 Coughing in Small Breed Dogs Leadsom, R Cardiology
301 Feb-16 Cardiac Murmurs in Dogs and Cats Leadsom, R Cardiology
301 Feb-16 Canine Idiopathic Dilated Cardiomyopathy Carter, A Cardiology CPD
306 Dec-16 Pimobendan – Treatment for Pre-clinical Heart Failure Joubert, K Cardiology
305 Oct-16 Pulmonary Hyperytension Leadsom, R Cardiology / Respiratory
201 Feb-17 Get the most out of your Laboratory Work Clinical Pathology
302 Apr-16 New Test for the Early Diagnosis of Kidney Disease Clinical Pathology
402 Apr-17 Understanding PCR Lobetti, R Clinical Pathology
403 Jun-17 Serum Electrophoresis (SEP) Hooijberg, E Clinical Pathology
305 Oct-16 Potassium: Friend and Foe vd Merwe, LL Critical care
304 Aug-16 The ABC of Veterinary Dentistry: A-C Dentistry
305 Oct-16 Dentistry: D – Dentistry Dentistry
306 Dec-16 Dentistry: E – Enamel Dentistry
401 Feb-17 Dentistry: F – Furcation (root) Disease Dentistry
402 Apr-17 Dentistry: G – Gingiva Dentistry
403 Jun-17 Dentistry: H – Hair Dentistry
404 Aug-17 Dentistry: I – Informed Consent Dentistry
405 Oct-17 Dentistry: J – Jaw Fractures Dentistry
406 Dec-17 Dentistry: K – Kick Starting Dentistry
101 Sep-17 Pemphigus Foliaceus in Cats Last, R Dermatology
201 Feb-17 Managing MRSA and MRSS Skin Infections Dermatology
202 Mar-15 Diagnosis and Treatment of Demodicosis in Dogs and Cats Dermatology CPD
203 May-15 Pseudomonas Otitis Infection Dermatology
204 Jul-15 Canine Peri-Oral Dermatitis Dermatology
205 Sep-15 Canine Atopic Dermatitis Schroeder, H Dermatology CPD
205 Sep-15 Cyclopsporine in Canine Atopy de Scally, M Dermatology
206 Dec-17 Cutaneous Adverse Food Reactions Schroeder, H Dermatology
301 Feb-16 Shampoo Therapy Schroeder, H Dermatology
302 Apr-16 Managing Chronic Otitis Externa Briggs, M Dermatology CPD
303 Jun-16 Nail Diseases Dermatology
304 Aug-16 Conditions of the Canine Foot Pad Schroeder, H Dermatology
305 Oct-16 Interdigital Cyst Syndrome in Dogs Schroeder, H Dermatology
306 Dec-16 The Idiosyncrasies of Itchy Cats Dermatology
401 Feb-17 Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Dogs an Cats Zambelli, A Dermatology
403 Jun-17 Skin Diseases – Which Respond to Nutritional Changes Dermatology
206 Dec-17 Ultrasonographic Assessment of the Adrenal Glands in Dogs and Cats Cassel, N Diagnostic Imaging CPD
404 Aug-17 5 Imaging Gems for Veterinarians Diagnostic Imaging
204 Jul-15 Managing Feline Diabetics: Important of High Protein Diet Endocrinology
204 Jul-15 Management of Diabetic Patients Bohm, M Endocrinology CPD
206 Dec-17 Dealing with Incidental Adrenal Tumours Kettner, F Endocrinology CPD
206 Dec-17 The Diagnosis of Hyperaddrenocorticism May, S Endocrinology CPD
206 Dec-17 Treatment Options for Pituitary Dependent Hyperadrenocorticism Bohm, M Endocrinology CPD
206 Dec-17 Hypertension and Proteinuria in Canine Cushings Zambelli, A Endocrinology CPD
304 Aug-16 Feline Hyperthyroidism McLean, J Endocrinology CPD
101 Sep-17 Cyathostomin Alsop, E Equines
203 May-15 Equine Blue Light Therapy Equines
402 Apr-17 Urinary Incontinence in the Horse Hewetson,M Equines CPD
101 Sep-17 Pinioning and Wing Clipping Elliot, D Exotics
205 Sep-15 Approach to Anorexic Rabbits Elliot, D Exotics
206 Dec-17 Fipronil Toxicosis in Rabbits Exotics
306 Dec-16 The Reptile Integument Elliot, D Exotics
202 Mar-15 Feline Constipation Gastroenterology
203 May-15 Vomiting in Cats Gastroenterology
204 Jul-15 Fibre Responsive Diarrhoea Gastroenterology
205 Sep-15 Cobalamin Deficiency in Longstanding GI Disease Miller, D Gastroenterology
304 Aug-16 Diagnosing Inflammatory Bowel Disease in the Dog and Cat de Scally, M Gastroenterology
306 Dec-16 Practical GIT Function Testing Gastroenterology
301 Feb-16 Top 5 Liver Conditions in Cats Hepatic
302 Apr-16 Top 5 Liver Disease in Dogs Hepatic
302 Apr-16 Appropriate Protein Restriction in Dogs with Liver Disease vd Merwe, LL Hepatic
303 Jun-16 Vacuolar Hepatopathy in the Scottish Terrier Lobetti, R Hepatic
303 Jun-16 An Update on Gall Bladder Mucocoeles Hepatic
405 Oct-17 An Emerging Disease: Gall Bladder Mucocoeles in Dogs van der Merwe, LL Internal Medicine
405 Oct-17 Is There a Role for Melatonin in Dogs and Cats with IMHA Internal Medicine
406 Dec-17 Minimizing the Risk of NSAIDs Dent, T Internal Medicine
303 Jun-16 THE FIP Jigsaw Puzzle Hooijberg, E Infectious Diseases CPD
403 Jun-17 African Horse Sickness in Dogs o’Dell, N Infectious Diseases
101 Sep-17 Assessing the Risk of Parvovirus Infection in Puppies Attending Puppy Class Journal Scan
101 Sep-17 Urinary Incontinence in Female Dogs – Prevalence Journal Scan
101 Sep-17 Which Gives Better Long Term Survival – Surgical or Medical Management of Portosystemic Shunts Journal Scan
201 Feb-17 Butorphanol vs Buprenorphine for Post Op Pain Control in Cats Journal Scan
201 Feb-17 Upper thoracic disease (T1-T9) in Large Breed Dogs Journal Scan
201 Feb-17 Case Control Study of the Effects of Pimobendan on Survival Time in Cats with HCM and CHF Journal Scan
201 Feb-17 Characterisation and Outcome Following Excision of Masses in the Nictitating Membranes of Horses Journal Scan
202 Mar-15 Current Understanding of Feline Epilepsy, Diagnostic Testing and Treatment Journal Scan
202 Mar-15 Using Laboratory Analyses for Diagnosing Inflammation in Horses Journal Scan
202 Mar-15 Using VHS to Categorise Dyspnoea in Cats Journal Scan
203 May-15 Alternative Surgical Option for Correcting Incontinence in Bitches Journal Scan
203 May-15 Basal Serum Cortisol as a Screening Test for Addison’s Disease in Dogs Journal Scan
204 Jul-15 Influence of Disease Process on APP in Serum and Peritoneal Fluid in Horses with Colic Journal Scan
205 Sep-15 PLE in Yorkshire Terriers Journal Scan
206 Dec-17 Current Concepts in the Management and Diagnosis of Pyothorax Journal Scan
301 Feb-16 Can Milk Thistle be Used to Treat Liver Disease Journal Scan
301 Feb-16 Physiological Heart Murmurs – More Common in our Veterinary Patients Journal Scan
301 Feb-16 SDMA Pinpointed as a Biomarker for Feline Renal Disease Journal Scan
302 Apr-16 Oral Cobalamin Supplementation in Dogs with Chronic Enteropathies and Hypocobalaminaemia Journal Scan
303 Jun-16 Imepitoin, a new Drug to Manage Canine Idiopathic Epilepsy Journal Scan
303 Jun-16 Maropitant as a Novel Treatment for Chronic Bronchitis in Dogs Journal Scan
303 Jun-16 The use of Basal Cortisol to Assess Efficacy of BID Trilostane administration Journal Scan
304 Aug-16 Omeprazole is a Superior Gastric Acid Suppressant in Cats Journal Scan
304 Aug-16 The Efficacy of Ranitidine and OID or BID Administered Omeprazole in Cats Journal Scan
305 Oct-16 Shampoo as Good as Drugs in Treating Superficial Pyoderma Journal Scan
306 Dec-16 Do Heavier Cats need Higher Doses of Amlodipine to Control, Systemic Hypertension? Journal Scan
306 Dec-16 The Effects of Cyclosporin on the Antiplatelet Effect of Aspirin in Normal Dogs Journal Scan
401 Feb-17 Trazadone may Lessen Patient Stress While in the Veterinary Hospital Journal Scan
402 Apr-17 The use of DDVAP to Reduce Surgical Metastases in Mammary Neoplasia of Dogs Journal Scan
402 Apr-17 A Safety Trial of DDAVP in Human Patients with Breast Cancer Journal Scan
402 Apr-17 Sterile Cystitis is Reduced in Dogs Treated with Cyclophosphamide Metronomic, by the Addition of Furosemide Journal Scan
403 Jun-17 Efficacy of Oral Afoxolaner for Treatment of Canine Demodex Journal Scan
403 Jun-17 Efficacy of Afoxolaner in Dogs with Sarcops Journal Scan
302 Apr-16 Nerves Affected in Otitis Media van der Merwe, LL Neurology
305 Oct-16 Neck Pain in Small and Medium Breed Dogs Carter, A Neurology CPD
401 Feb-17 Optimal Management of Canine Seizures van der Merwe, LL Neurology CPD
202 Mar-15 Skinny Old Cats: Why Some Senior Cats Lose Weight Nutrition
206 Dec-17 Nutritional Support for Critically Ill Patients van schoor, M Nutrition
305 Oct-16 Deciphering Pet Food Labels de Scally, M Nutrition
401 Feb-17 Nutritional Assessment in Small Animals de Scally, M Nutrition
402 Apr-17 Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids in Canine Diets van der Merwe, LL Nutrition
404 Aug-17 The Carnivore Connection to Nutrition in Cats van der Merwe, LL Nutrition
405 Oct-17 Elevated Liver Enzyme Activity in a Dog Nutrition
406 Dec-17 Antioxidant Function and Nutrition van der Merwe, LL Nutrition CPD
303 Jun-16 Cancer and Nutrition Zambelli, A Oncology
202 Mar-15 Replacement of the Prolapsed Gland of the Third Eyelid Venter, I Ophthalmology
304 Aug-16 Exophthalmos: Common Causes and Treatment Venter, I Ophthalmology
403 Jun-17 Eye Disease – When can the Eye be Saved Allen, R Ophthalmology
405 Oct-17 Do’s and Don’ts of Common Ophthalmic Medications Allen, R Ophthalmology
406 Dec-17 The Eyes Have it: Conjunctivitis as a Window to the Body Ophthalmology
101 Sep-17 Canine Pancreatitis Pancreas
203 May-15 Hyperlipidaemia, Schnauzers, Diabetes Mellitus and Pancreatitis vd Merwe, LL Pancreas
302 Apr-16 The Clinical Utility of Spec cPL Lobetti, R Pancreas
101 Sep-17 Emergence of MRSA and MRSS in People and Pets Pharmacology
201 Feb-17 Doxycycline – Part 1 Botha, OJ Pharmacology
202 Mar-15 Doxycycline – Part 2 Botha, OJ Pharmacology
203 May-15 Doxycycline – Part 3 Botha, OJ Pharmacology
206 Dec-17 Corticosteroid and Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug Reactions Pharmacology
403 Jun-17 Are all Generics Created Equal? Naidoo, V Pharmacology CPD
404 Aug-17 Go Inward: How Locus of Control can Save you Practice Management
201 Feb-15 Client Care During the Consultation Practice Management
203 May-15 Bacterial Contamination of Multi-use Fluid Bags Practice management
205 Sep-15 5 Ways to Establish a Fear Free Practice Practice Management
206 Dec-15 Employee Relations Within a Vet Practice – Part 1 practice Management
301 Feb-16 Employee Relations Within a Vet Practice – Part 2 Practice Management
302 Apr-16 Employee Relations Within a Vet Practice – Part 3 Practice Management
302 Apr-16 Before the End – Preparation of Clients for Pet Death Practice Management
305 Oct-16 Engaged Employees Add value Practice management
305 Oct-16 Invasion of the Millennial Pet Owners Practice management
306 Dec-16 5 Ways to Ruin a new Puppy or Kitten Visit Practice management
401 Feb-17 Client Communicator Co-Ordinator Practice management
402 Apr-17 Build a Better Client Survey Practice Management
402 Apr-17 Debt Control in Private Practice Practice Management
403 Jun-17 The Skeptics Guide to Veterinary Wellness Plans Practice management
403 Jun-17 Finance Options for Veterinary Clients Practice management
406 Dec-17 Aim for the Moon with your Behaviour Treatment Plan Practice Management
406 Dec-17 Why “Use it or Lose it” Works in Veterinary Wellness Plans Practice Management
101 Sep-17 Rehabilitation of Neurological Patients Kelly, Megan Rehabilitation CPD
404 Aug-17 Feline Neonatal Isoerythrolysis van der Merwe, LL Reproduction CPD
404 Aug-17 Reproductive Hormone Assays in Dogs and Cats May, K Reproduction
205 Sep-15 Thoracostomy Tube Placement Repiratory
203 May-15 Bone Fracture repair Technique Surgery Orthopaedics
301 Feb-16 Hips Dysplasia vs Cruciate Disease Surgery Orthopaedics
403 Jun-17 Medial Patella Luxation – Future Management Elliot, R Surgery Orthopaedics
404 Aug-17 Conservative Management of Intervertebral Disc Disease Surgery Orthopaedics
405 Oct-17 The Wonders of External Skeletal Fixation in Small Animals Elliot, R Surgery Orthopaedics
406 Dec-17 Advances in Antelope Fracture Repair: Where are we Now? Poore, L, Koepel, K Surgery Orthopaedics
406 Dec-17 Prevention of Implant Failure After Osteosynthesis Procedures for Appendicular Fractures Kitshoff, A Surgery Orthopaedics
201 Feb-17 Wound Repair Techniques: Single Pedicle Advancement Flaps Surgery Soft Tissue
204 Jul-15 How to Perform a Scrotal Urethrostomy Surgery Soft Tissue
302 Apr-16 Total Ear Canal Ablation and Lateral Bulla Osteotomy Elliot, R Surgery Soft Tissue
303 Jun-16 New Strategies in Wound Healing Surgery Soft Tissue
303 Jun-16 Surgical Management of Biliary Tract Disease Elliot, R Surgery Soft Tissue
304 Aug-16 Principles of gastric Surgery in the Dog Elliot, R Surgery Soft Tissue
305 Oct-16 Idiopathic Megacolon and Colectomy in Cats Surgery Soft Tissue
306 Dec-16 GDV – Controlling the Crisis Surgery Soft Tissue CPD
402 Apr-17 Feline Perineal Urethrostomy Surgery Soft Tissue
201 Feb-17 Sterilisation Practices in the Dog and Cat de Cramer, K Theriogenology CPD
202 Mar-15 Human Medication Intoxications Toxicology
205 Sep-15 Decontaminating the Poisoned Patient vd Merwe, LL Toxicology
205 Sep-15 Emesis and Activated Charcoal Toxicology
306 Dec-16 Lipid Rescue – a Novel Antidote Botha, W Toxicology
203 May-15 Transfusion Medicine in Small Animal Practice vd Merwe, LL Transfusion CPD
204 Jul-15 Canine Urinary Tract Infections Urinary Tract
204 Jul-15 Biofilms and UT Infections Henton, M Urinary Tract
301 Feb-16 Effects of Dietary Protein on the Kidneys of Normal Cats and Those with CKD Urinary Tract
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