The New Client Concierge A Personal Point of Contact for your Practice

Eric Garcia
IT Expert. Digital Marketer. Industry Thought Leader.

For veterinary practices across the country and even around the globe, competition is everywhere. Whether it’s a new local business opening up or an online service launching, pet owners have more choices now than ever. Building brand loyalty takes time, consistency and providing the extra qualities that your competitors just don’t have.

When I provide consult to veterinary practices and study the latest marketing techniques during my digital sabbaticals (yes, I love reading up even in my off-time), I’m always looking for that extra edge to provide practices. For this article, I’m excited to share with you what I’ve discovered as a new and incredibly powerful tool for your veterinary practice.

The New Client Concierge is essentially a personal point of contact for your veterinary practice that reaches out directly to clients and makes sure that their first engagements with your veterinary practice are a major success. Your concierge will gently usher prospective clients through the process of becoming a new client such as scheduling and obtaining necessary paperwork in advance. This helps to make sure the first visit goes off without a hitch, so it’s much easier to create loyalty toward your practice and keep your new clients coming back to you in the months and years to come.

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