SAVC Policy on Early Sterilisation in Dogs and Cats

SAVC Policy on Early Sterilisation in Dogs and Cats

VC/13/1 Policy

There is no position statement per se. There is however a decision the Register of Decisions, copied below, for ease of reference.

“28.31 Neutering of Animals at early age

The Council accepted the following principles relating to the proposed neutering of puppies and kittens at an early age by the SPCA:

  • Early neutering was not unacceptable to the Veterinary Council;
  • There were no data to suggest that early neutering as improper, or to prove the viability thereof on a scientific basis;
  • The Council could not condone or oppose neutering at an early age;
  • The decision whether or not to carry out such an operation should be left to the judgement of the individual veterinarian; and
  • The Council could not take a definitive stand because of the lack of scientific data currently available

(29-07-1992 p4)

The Council would have no objection to any procdure provided that it was carried out professionally and could not be shown to be harmful to the welfare of the animal.

(02-08-1993 p3)

It was resolved to advise the SPCA that following a thorough investigation the Council was of the opinion that early-age neutering of animals at a young age was not unethical Registrar -Mrs Lynette Havenga

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