Ricky Wilson  Award 2015

Ricky Wilson Award 2015

Clive qualified in 1973 and started working as State Veterinarian in Durban. In 1974 he began a private practice in Clocolan, Eastern Free State. From 1973 to 1977 he did extensive research in development and implementation of Herd Health in private practice.  He gave numerous lectures throughout the country and Namibia and developed a computer program for herd health.

Many vets were hosted and spent a few days at the practice to learn first hand of herd health, amongst them Ricky Wilson, Dirk Lourens and Pietie van Aarde.  After a 10 day visit from OP staff, a separate Dept of Herd Health was started. In 1981 Clive attended a Embryo Transfer Course in Denmark, Belgium and England. He revolutionised veterinary services in the dairy industry by striving for reproductive excellence. He was also one of the pioneers in embryo and artificial insemination in the cattle industry, and has been actively involved in the South African as well global veterinary industry while continuously serving his community in Clocolan as veterinarian.

Clive represented Africa on the World Veterinary Association from 2010 till 2014.  He was involved in the following: Rewriting of the WVA Constitution and by-laws. Involved with the rewriting of the World Veterinary Congress Rules. Promoted Veterinary Science in Africa on many International Platforms Served on the WVA Financial Committee and made sure that Membership was made more affordable to all countries. At present Clive is serving on the: South African Veterinary Council,on the Executive Committee. As Chairperson of the Finance Committee. Member of the Review Committee responsible for the rewriting of the rule relating to Veterinary practice.

Member of the Inspections Committee(Veterinary Facilities) task with the rewriting of the Standards of Veterinary Facilities Food Safety and Security Committee He was on the SAVA (and President) and SAVC board for many years.  He also served on the World Veterinary Association. From 1994 to date Town Council Member of Clocolan an Sesotho Municipality. Clive is married to Dretia, have 3 children and 3 grand children.

“Serving on these structures has given me great satisfaction as I was always able to make sure that the needs of the Rural Veterinarian are taken into consideration.”

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