Puppy School in Practice – Are You Missing out on an Opportunity?

Puppy School in Practice – Are You Missing out on an Opportunity?




All too often adorable puppies grow into badly behaved tearaways and end up rejected – they may be excluded from the family ‘pack’, euthanased or given up for adoption. A visit to your local animal welfare shelter or Gumtree will reveal many healthy young adult dogs which are no longer wanted now that they have outgrown their cute appeal.

So what’s the solution? Ensuring your clients start training their pups from a very early age and making that option available at your practice is certainly a step in the right direction. Research has shown that a puppy learns more social skills in its first 16 weeks of life than in the subsequent years ahead.

Benefits to the puppy are that they will be well adjusted members of the family and society. Well behaved pets have a better relationship with their pet parents and for the family it means their vision of a much loved, well behaved member of their family has been realised.

For the veterinary practices, that have their own puppy schools, the benefits are countless too. It is the start of a lifelong relationship with a brand new puppy parent. An added advantage is that the puppies become very familiar with visiting the vet. Dogs actually enjoy coming into the practice and will often jump onto the examination table quite happily. It also makes everyone’s job in practice easier if the dog is used to being handled.

It has been shown that owners are more likely to care better for their puppies if they fulfil their needs. That means they are prepared to seek veterinary care sooner, use the best products available and not seek euthanasia as an early treatment option.

Hill’s sponsors and supports puppy schools all around the country. Read on to see why Hill’s puppy schools are the best choice:

  • Hill’s offers the only training courses accredited by a South African university, starting at an introductory course working through to advanced courses that included adult education in the curriculum. The courses are facilitated by Dr Quixi Sonntag.
  • Support for the puppy schools and instructors; clothing; equipment.
  • Website to promote puppy schools to the general public, including a listing of all the schools we sponsor: visit www.puppyschools.co.za for more information.
  • For the puppy parent we offer our starter kits and graduation rosettes
  • Nutrition talk covering feeding schedules, safe treats and chews, and many other feeding and food related topics that worry new pet parents.

For more details on Hill’s Puppy Schools contact Hill’s Pet Nutrition on 0800 228 783 / infoza@hillspet.com or speak to your Hill’s Territory Manager.

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