New premium ‘vets-only’ pet food helps keep pets healthy

New premium ‘vets-only’ pet food helps keep pets healthy

31 March 2016, JohannesburgThe SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition Preventive and Curative ranges of pet food, specially formulated for the prevention and treatment of common pet ailments, is now exclusively available to veterinary practices across the country.

Manufactured and distributed by leading agribusiness GWK and subsidiary business Midlands Veterinary Wholesalers (MWV), the SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition Preventive and Curative ranges offer a trimmed-down version of products currently available on the market, and are designed to address a variety of indications.

“The new range of pet foods responds directly to a South African need for a healthy yet moderately-priced pet food that helps owners maintain pet health as well as addressing common ailments in cats and dogs,” says Lizelle Schutte, Managing Director at MVW. “SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition offers vets and pet owners the means to achieve sustained health and effective treatment through an appropriate diet according to growth phases and the specific needs of pets. SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition is a condensed range of scientifically proven, high-quality products unlike any currently on the South African market.”

SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition Preventive

Perfectly suited to all breeds and ages, SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition’s Preventive range contains just four products (SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition Puppy, SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition Junior, SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition Adult Dog and SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition Senior Dog) in two bag sizes for dogs (3 and 12.5 kg) and three products (SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition Kitten, SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition Adult Cat and SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition Senior Cat) in two bag sizes for cats (1.5 and 4.5 kg), based on the most essential requirements of each growth stage. The SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition Preventive ranges for both cats and dogs contain the optimum amount of calcium, according to the specific dietary demands of each, and assists adult and senior pets in particular to build strong resistance to bone, heart, liver and kidney conditions.


SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition Curative

SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition Curative, the prescriptive range for pets, covers specific dietary requirements for various conditions identified as most common in pets. The range consists of therapeutic diets suitable for dogs and cats. These include SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition Anti-Struvite for struvite urolithiasis; SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition Atopy/Sensitive for food allergy and food intolerance (hypersensitivity), atopy (allergic dermatitis), colitis and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) due to its hydrolysed protein content; SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition Renal for renal and hepatic disease and SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition Weight Reduction for obesity. The Curative range is slightly more extensive for dogs to include SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition Cardiac for heart failure (cardiomyopathy), cachexia and neoplasia, SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition Hypoallergenic DR, a novel animal protein diet suitable for dogs with food hypersensitivity and SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition Osteoarthritis specific for joint disorders (osteoarthritis). As part of SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition’s unique approach to pet food development, many of these products can also be used in the treatment of other conditions. For example, SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition Renal can be used in dogs and cats with renal and hepatic disease as well as calcium oxalate urolithiasis, while SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition Weight Control can be used as part of the treatment plan for diabetes mellitus, colitis and pancreatitis with hyperlipidaemia on top of as a weight control diet in dogs.


SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition for Dogs

SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition Puppy ensures optimal growth with good musculoskeletal development and supports a strong immune system through a high-energy diet. Once puppies reach a second, slower growth phase, SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition Junior introduces a diet slightly lower in fat to prevent weight gain. Both the SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition Puppy and SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition Junior have the optimal concentration of calcium to aid in the healthy development of joints, especially in large and giant breed puppies. SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition Adult Dog and SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition Senior Dog are focused on improving mobility, building strong immunities against ailments common in older dogs and reducing strain on liver and kidneys through lower phosphorous and protein content.


SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition for Cats

The first few months of a kitten’s life can be very stressful as they are weaned, rehomed, and exposed to common infections for the first time. SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition Kitten supports this stage by responding to the high energy needs of the growing kitten with high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids to build a strong immune system. This diet is also suitable for pregnant and lactating queens.


As struvite urolithiasis is a common ailment in younger cats, both SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition Kitten and SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition Adult Cat contain less magnesium, phosphorous and protein in order to lower pH levels in the urine and prevent disorders of the lower urinary tract. While the nutritional demands of cats in the adult phase (aged one to eight years old) are significantly lower than kittens, SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition Adult Cat contains added Vitamin E for the prevention of free radicals and oxidative damage. Lastly, SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition Senior Cat provides an easily digestible diet suitable to the needs of ageing cats with lower protein that support the liver and kidneys.


Only those ingredients found to have nutritional benefit and proven to work for specific conditions were selected in the formulation of SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition products, following extensive research into the needs of dogs and cats at various phases of growth. In addition, SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition’s high palatability ensures that all pets, including those with picky eating habits, will accept the taste.


SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition does not contain any of the ‘filler’ ingredients found in many of the premium pet foods on the market. Salmon oil, which is high in omega-3 fatty acids, is one of the main ingredients in the Puppy, Junior and Kitten diets and contributes towards healthy growth and development. Beta glucans promote the development of strong immune systems and can be found across SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition Preventive and Curative ranges. Gelatin Hydrolysate is an ingredient unique to the SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition range and rich in protein for healthy muscle development in younger pets.


SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition Preventive and Curative retails from R110.00 to R895.00 depending on the bag size. Veterinary practices can expect competitive pricing structures, as well as peace of mind due to the products’ longer shelf-life.


MVW is part of a diverse group of businesses under the GWK umbrella, supplying high-end animal health products to the veterinary and agricultural industries of South Africa. As part of the company’s commitment to quality, the SANIMED Veterinary Nutrition range of pet food will be stocked exclusively at veterinary shops and practices.


For supplier information and further details on SANIMED products, visit to find out more about MVW’s bespoke industry offerings.

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