How to Engage Cat Owners in Life-Long Preventive Care

Eric D. Garcia
Simply Done Tech Solutions, LLC
Tampa, Florida, USA

“Time spent with cats is never wasted.” – Sigmund Freud

The unique relationships we form with animals is something of a spiritual experience. The way that they can sense our emotions, or that we can read their moods just by looking at their eyes, all hints at a connection that’s extraordinary.

But despite our love of animals and pets, some are represented constantly across websites, social media channels and presentations, while others are left behind. I’ve found that practices rarely post about cats, both within social media and across their marketing efforts as a whole.

When I’m consulting with veterinary practices across the world, I’m combing through everything I see to get a holistic impression. This includes everything from the learning about marketing materials in their waiting room, to their website, Facebook Page, brochures, etc. I’ve noticed that kittens are sometimes used in picturesque settings (yes, that picture of a basket of kittens in a sun-drenched field is oh so realistic), but cats as a whole are mostly neglected.

While this presents an issue, it also presents an opportunity.

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