HIPRA Strives to be the  Reference in Prevention  for Animal Health.

HIPRA Strives to be the Reference in Prevention for Animal Health.


The company is devoted to developing novel vaccines and diagnostic tools to further improve the prevention of diseases in the food producing animal sector. HIPRA is the main sponsor for the 2015 RuVASA conference and will be hosting an open practical session on the morning of the 8th June 2015. The session will be launching the new Bovine Respiratory Disease Complex (BRDC) diagnostic tool, BOVIRESP®.

BOVIRESP® is a nasal swab and FTA card system that will be used to collect, store and transport the samples for PCR identification of the viral diseases (BVD and IBR) causing the BRDC. This new tool will be used as a complement to the current ELISA test. The benefit of the BOVIRESP® diagnostic tool is that it can differentiate between the field and live vaccine strains, making it possible to monitor the epidemiological situation of all farms, even those using the live vaccines. BOVIRESP® also complements HIPRA’s BRDC vaccine HIPRABOVIS®4, thus addressing the holistic and versatile approach of HIPRA.

The open practical session will be presented by Santiago Casademunt Garre (HIPRABOVIS product manager) and he will demonstrating how to use the BOVIRESP® nasal swab (small lecture and video based session).

HIPRA invites all attendees of the 2015 RuVASA conference to attend the BOVIRESP® Launch and practical demonstration session. 

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