Equine Health Update – Feb 2016


This communication is intended exclusively for members of the South African Equine Veterinary Association (SAEVA ) 


  • President’s Report
  • Committee Report
  • Racing Commitee
  • Medco Report
  • Equine Disease Quarterly
  • Abstracts
  • Common Complications After Intra-articular Injections in Horses.
  • Regional Anesthesia of The Equine Head (Proceedings)
  • Continuing Professional Development For Equine Veterinarians


The new year is marching on and by the time you are reading this first Equine Health Update for 2016 the annual SAEVA congress will be just about upon us. Unfortunately I will not be able to there this year as I have used up all my CPD credits at the AAEP congress in Las Vegas but it looks like SAEVA have once again put together an excellent congress for the members. We look forward to a congress feedback report in the next edition of Equine Health Update. In the current edition we have a feedback report from the Vet Ce Gastrointestinal and Neck/back/pelvis CPD courses held in Johannesburg in October.

Our practice was fortunate to send delegates  to both courses and the benefit of the newly acquired knowledge to the whole team is immediately obvious. Following on from the excellent committee reports from Bev and Sheila in the last edition, we have 3 further committee reports in the current edition. Many thanks to all involved for their time and effort in putting these reports together for us. We also include two educational articles. The article on “Regional anaesthesia of the equine head” provides a concise summary of techniques that we can all do with a little practice.

Better understanding of regional nerve blocks has changed how we approach many dental procedures  and allows us to perform much less invasive procedures in standing horses. On that note I will sign off. Please continue to send us feedback and suggestions on how we can improve the Equine Health Update.

On that note I will sign off. Please continue to send us feedback and suggestions on how we can improve the Equine Health Update.


Johnny Cave

Committee Report

The SAEVA communications sub-committee was formed in 2015 to (1) improve communication between the executive committee and SAEVA members, equine bodies (i.e. Jockey Club, TBA, SAEF, Horse Breeders Societies), equine owners, and the general public regarding veterinary equine matters; and (2) initiate and/or coordinate CPD activities, including congresses, mini-congresses, web-based online CPD, and printed CPD/newsletters; and (3) improve awareness of current trends in continuing education within the local and international equine industry.

Since its inception, the communications sub-committee has come up with several incentives, including a SAEVA Facebook page. With this group we aim to keep you, our members up to date with the latest happenings in the equine veterinary field, keep you informed about our various projects and also get feedback about what you would like to see us do in the future.

Please feel free to post on this page about what is happening in your various practices, jobs available or if you are seeking a job.

We would like this page to be very interactive, so if you have any questions, requests or comments, please feel free to post. The Group is called South African Equine Veterinary Association Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/710740509060372/?fref=ts

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