Don’t want to use the App just now for answering your CPD? We’ve made provision for you…

If you want to use the SMS system or through a web interface on your PC, please visit the CPD electronic platform  .  *This is a similar system and log in that existing users use for the Livestock Health and Production Review and Vetnews,   To access Vet360 questions, choose the category  ONLINEVETS

Use the following codes for the SMS system:

1. Transfusion Medicine in Small Animal Practice   Dr Liesel van der Merwe   SMS code = a90559

2. Diagnosis of Demodicosis in Dogs & Cats Karen A. Moriello SMS code = a22801

3. A review of sterilisation practices and impact on the individual animal, in dogs and cats  AC/1225/14  Dr K de Cramer and K May SMS code = a26581

4. Rehabilitation of neurological patients  By Dr Megan Kelly, DVN, BVSc,  SMS code = a97907

5. Cyclosporine in Canin Atopy By Dr Heidi Schroeder, BVSc MMedVet(Med),   SMS code = a24438


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