Delivering advanced monitoring tools for animal health

Thermo Fisher Scientific delivers advanced monitoring tools for ruminant.

Meet our sales specialist Mr. Riaan Theron at the booth and discover our animal health diagnostic solutions for :

  • Ruminant abortion diseases
  • Bovine tuberculosis
  • Paratuberculosis
  • BVD…

“Timely diagnosis of just one sick animal can save an entire herd and preserve the livelihood of the producer”

 Proper diagnosis of disease helps target the right treatment for animals and may help reduce the development of antibiotic resistance”

Our ELISA and PCR diagnostic kits allow customers to better monitor and control economically significant farm animal diseases. Our innovative diagnostic solutions detect a variety of diseases and provide veterinarians and producers with critical information that help ensure the well-being of their herd, reputation, and bottom line.

Learn more about our solutions during our presentation held on 10 March at 15:10

 Find out more at

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