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This edition is so full of material that we did not have space for a business article. Thank you to all our local specialists for their time, experience and
advice. The CPD article on Feline Hyperthyroidism is important as we are seeing more and more affected cats. Unfortunately we seem to have caught up with the rest of the world in this respect. Once again the devil is in the detail – not to over or underdiagnose cases which are marginal, based on laboratory testing.
We have started a series on dentistry and look forward to continuing it all the way through A to Z. Dentistry is really a burgeoning aspect of practice – both income-wise and in the provision of preventative animal health care. Practices would be remiss in not promoting it. Although not exhaustive the author does seem to touch on the important aspects and pique ones’ interest. Lastly – thanks once again to out stalwart Dr Heidi Scroeder for her summary on footpad diseases in dogs – an often frustrating condition for us non-dermatologists.

The ABC’s of Veterinary Dentistry: A to C

Article reprinted with the permission of DVM360, MARCH 2016, DVM360 Magazine is a copyrighted publication of Advanstar. Communications inc. All rights reserved. Mar 14, 2016 By Jan Bellows, DVM, DAVDC, DABVP, FAVD DVM360 MAGAZINE Our alphabet of 26 letters forms the foundation for billions of words. I’ve narrowed the list down to a mere 26… Continue Reading

Omeprazole is a Superior Gastric Acid Suppressant in Cats

Summarised by Dr Liesel van der Merwe BSVC MMed(Vet)Med Small Animals Parkinson K, Tolbert K, Messenger A et al. Evaluation of the Effect of Orally Administered Acid Suppressants on Intragastric pH in Cats. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine. 2015(29) pp: 104 – 112 Why they did it? Gastric acid suppressants including H2 receptor antagonists (H2RA)… Continue Reading

The Efficacy of Ranitidine and Once-Daily or Twice-Daily Orally Administered Omeprazole on Intragastric pH in Cats

Summarised by Dr Liesel van der Merwe BSVC MMed(Vet)Med Small Animals Sutalo, S, Ruetten M et al, 2015. The Effect of Orally Administered Ranitidine and Once-Daily or Twice- Daily Orally Administered Omeprazole on Intragastric pH in Cats. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine (29): 840 – 846 Why they did it? The clinical efficacy of gastric… Continue Reading

Diagnosing Inflammatory In The Dog And Cat Bowel Disease

Dr Martin de Scally BVSc, Hons MMedVet (Med) Small Animals (Pret) Hilton Veterinary Hospital e-mail: Tel: 0333434602 | Fax: 0333431021 Canine and feline inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a chronic (> 3 weeks), idiopathic, inflammatory enteropathy. These idiopathic inflammatory changes may respond to immunosuppression but it is vital to rule out all known causes… Continue Reading

Exophthalmos An overview of common causes and treatment

Dr Izak Venter BVSc MMedVet (Opthal) Johannesburg Animal Eye Hospital 44 Kingfisher Drive, Fourways, 2067 Tel: 011 465 1237 The purpose of this article is to describe the more common causes of exophthalmos and their treatment. The authors did not aim to supply a complete differential diagnosis list and also do not discuss the less… Continue Reading

Principles of Gastric Surgery in the Dog

Dr Ross Elliot BVSc MMedVet (Surg) Bryanston Veterinry Hospital. Tel 011 706 6023 The stomach is generally very forgiving, however if taken lightly gastric surgery can have fatal consequences. The position of the stomach in the cranial abdomen makes exteriorisation difficult. Anatomy The stomach is divided into four areas, which are important to identify when performing… Continue Reading

Conditions of the Canine Foot Pad

Dr Heidi Schroeder, BVSc MMedVet(Med) Small Animal Physician Willow Park Small Animal Medicine Specialist Hospital, Willow Glen, Pretoria Tel: 012 813 8009 Foot pad conditions are usually part of generalised skin conditions or systemic conditions that also cause skin lesions and clinical signs elsewhere on or in a patient.The most important differential diagnoses are discussed… Continue Reading

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