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Webinar 01
Developments in Wound Care and Antibiosis by Dr Carrie Milton

Date: 23 February @2pm 

Please note that the first webinar will be available as soon as you sign up, please post your questions, the speaker will be live on 23 February at 2pm!

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As private practitioners, we spend much of our time treating wounds, ears, pruritus and dermatitis, and looking after surgical incisions. Many of these cases require some form of antibiosis. Recent studies have shown that appropriately selected topical therapy is preferential to systemic treatment in many cases. Chlorhexidine gluconate, one of the most widely used disinfectants in veterinary medicine, is unfortunately toxic to fibroblasts and keratinocytes and slows wound healing. Hypochlorous acid has been hailed as the new gold standard for use in human cosmetic surgery, amongst other contexts. This webinar presents these developments and introduces you to using Effivet in the veterinary context. Effivet is a veterinary-specific formulation of hypochlorous acid, manufactured in Europe and sold locally by Ascendis Animal Health.



Webinar 02

Joint Nutraceuticals. Should you be getting on board? by Dr Megan Wassung

Date: 20 April @ 2pm

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We’re looking at whether nutraceuticals should be a consistent osteoarthritis management tool, how they work and why there is a ‘grey area’.To understand how joint nutraceuticals work and the merits behind them.



Webinar 03

Go with your gut by Dr Carrie Milton

Date: 22 June @2pm

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Did you know that the gastrointestinal (GIT) microbiome has been implicated in the development of atopy, obesity, diabetes mellitus and autoimmune disease? GIT dysbiosis is the focus of much research in both human and animal health at the moment. This webinar discusses the microbiome of small animals and its role in the immune system; the differences between pro-, pre-, syn- and postbiotics; and a number of recent studies demonstrating the importance of protecting the GIT microbiome through diet and the supplementation of a synbiotic like Probivet (Ascendis Animal Health).


Webinar 04

All by myself….separation related problems by Dr Aileen Pypers

Date: 17 August @7pm

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Separation related problems include a spectrum of behaviours associated with anxiety, stress and distress, such as panting, pacing, house soiling, destructive behaviour and barking/howling, exhibited by a dog when they do not have access to a specific person or people in general. While the aetiology of separation related problems remains unclear, what is irrefutable is that these symptoms stem from the dog’s emotional state when left alone and are not as a result of ‘naughty’ behaviour or boredom. In this webinar we will look at the constellation of symptoms associated with this behavioural problem, diagnostic markers, how to educate pet parents, prevention and treatment using the pillars of a behavioural treatment plan – medication, nutraceuticals, behaviour modification and environmental management.


Webinar 05
CalmEze by Leigh Shenker

Date: 07 September @ 7pm

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Dr Megan Wassung

After having qualified from the University of Pretoria in 2005, Megan moved to the UK to practice, initially, in a countryside, mixed practice, before pursuing a career in companion animals. Megan completed a postgraduate certificate through the University of Edinburgh, in integrative medicine ‘One Health’ and enjoyed a research stint with the University of Pretoria in a rural cattle population. Although still a dedicated small animal clinician Megan enjoys research and delving into the academics of current practice. She is however not such a nerd and enjoys the mountains, travelling, wine, running and her two little girls

Dr Carrie Milton

Carrie grew up in Cape Town, graduated from the University of Pretoria in 2014 and started practising in a mixed practice in Lephalale, Limpopo, while studying Clinical Pathology part time. She moved back to Cape Town in 2016, where she locumed in various settings, including an after-hours emergency clinic, VetDiagnostix and the Two Oceans Aquarium. She has been an associate veterinarian at Sunset Beach Veterinary Clinic, a private practice on the West Coast, since 2017 and currently works predominantly on small animals. She is also qualified as a copy editor and proofreader, and her hobbies include adventure sports, dancing and gardening.

Dr Aileen Pypers

Aileen obtained her Veterinary degree from the University of Pretoria in 2010 and served as a state veterinarian with the Western Cape government for seven years where she gained extensive experience in disease control, export certification primary animal health and dog population management. She also lectured at Elsenburg college and managed the CCS programme for the Western Cape. During this time, she completed an honours level module in clinical behaviour medicine through the University of Pretoria and a Diploma in Higher Education: Teaching and Learning through Stellenbosch University. In 2018, she left the state to pursue a fulltime career in veterinary behaviour medicine. Her veterinary behaviour consultancy, Pets at Play, receives referrals from veterinarians and behaviourists throughout the Western Cape and Gauteng and she has seen over 400 behaviour cases. She has also spoken on behavioural medicine topics at multiple conferences and CPD events. Aileen is currently enrolled in a Masters in International Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law through Edinburgh University.Aileen served on the committee of Animal Behaviour and Interaction Group of the South African Veterinary Association and is currently the vice-chairperson of the Animal Ethics and Welfare Committee of the SAVA. She is a member of the Cape Animal Welfare Forum and an Associate of the Credence Institute.Aileen lives in the Cape Winelands with her husband, horses, dogs, cats and a guinea pig and sings in a choir, dances lindy hop and crochets in her spare time.

Leigh Shenker

Leigh’s studies and career path started in the field of human behaviour, working primarily with youth at risk. Her love of four legged creatures led her to change direction towards all things related to animal behaviour, and she completed her Diploma in Animal Behaviour through COAPE International. ​ ​Leigh is a qualified Practitioner member of CAPBT. She has a special interest in natural medicine for animals and grows and sources many unusual medicinal plants. ​ ​As the HR and Marking Manager, she forms part of the COAPE management Team. When not lecturing and tutoring the COAPE Diploma, Leigh spends most of her time involved in shelter work and working with clients. ​ ​Her dedication to shelter work is reflected in several programmes and systems she has set up, and she is committed to changing the traditional model for animal shelters and improving basic conditions for all animals, as well as assisting families who choose to adopt a rescue.

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