AHS Vaccination

Please be reminded that the period that AHS vaccination is allowed in the AHS controlled area is coming to an end. (30 June to 31 October)

Be aware that if you have not given the first bottle of the AHS vaccine combinations by or before the 10th October, it effectively means you will not be able to get both bottles administered before the end of October, which means that complete vaccination will not be able to occur.

This restricted vaccination period is described in the Animal Diseases Act and therefore contravention of this time period would in fact be a criminal act and therefore under the Animal Diseases Act, a person in contravention of the Act can be prosecuted. The veterinarian as well as the owner would be liable.

Also remember that within the AHS free and surveillance zones vaccination may only be done once permission has been granted by State Vet Boland. If you have not already submitted a request for permission it is in fact too late (as Monday is the 10th), and vaccination will have to be done next year only.

Enquiries:  Dr Camilla Weyer


DAFF authorised Veterinarian (Ref: 1/2/1/7/8)

State Vet Boland authorised Veterinarian (Movement Control and Equine Disease Surveillance) and Research Officer

Equine Research Centre,  Cape Town


Cell: 076 152 2782

Fax: 086 558 9818

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