Equine Health Update – October 2015

EHU Cover Sept 

This communication is intended exclusively for members of the South African Equine Veterinary Association (SAEVA ) 


  • President’s Report
  • Committee Report
  • SAEVA Horse Liason Report 2014
  • SAEF Funding
  • Equine Disease Quarterly (April 2015)
  • Equine Disease Quarterly (July 2015)
  • How To Perform A Regional Limb Perfusion In Horses
  • Abstracts
  • How To Perform An Abdominocentesis In A Standing Adult Horse


The Equine Health Update returns this month in its new digital format. We say farewell to the outgoing editor Johan Marais and thank him for his past efforts. Thanks must also go to Manfred Rohwer for pushing to resuscitate the EHU and to Madaleen and Riana from Vetlink for putting it all together. We hope to continue to keep SAEVA members informed of current affairs within the group and provide some educational material relevant to a broad cross section. Please feel free to send us feedback and suggestions for future issues.


Johnny Cave

Committee Report


Beverley Parker lives in Port Elizabeth and heads up veterinary liaison for the Equine Health Fund, a division under the Wits Health Consortium. The aim of the equine health fund is to liaise with DAFF through the Horse Import Export Task Team; to support research, especially research on trade sensitive equine diseases; and to develop  an  epidemiology  group  in  support  of  DAFF  to  meet surveillance,  movement control and reporting requirements.

Bev Serves on The Saeva Executive and Her Portfolio is Disease Reporting

The aim is:

To collect, collate and distribute information on equine diseases monthly

  • As a service to SAEVA members
  • To the state veterinary services to facilitate improved disease reporting and foster the relationship between the state veterinary services and private practitioners

A web-based system that is quick and easy to operate is under investigation. It will be driven by SAEVA regional representatives who will liaise with private practitioners and state veterinarians in their provinces.

Bev will be responsible for collating regional information and drawing up and distributing a monthly equine disease report.

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EHU Cover Sept






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