Monthly Archives: Aug 2020

Common Dilemmas in Epilepsy

Steven De Decker, DVM, PhD, MvetMed, DipECVN, FHEA, PGCert Veted, MRCVS European and RCVS recognised Specialist in Veterinary Neurology Epilepsy is probably the most common neurological disorder in veterinary medicine. The unpredictable and violent nature of epileptic seizures can cause severe emotional distress to owners of affected animals. Successful management requires an accurate assessment of… Continue Reading

Understanding the Use of Antibody Titres in Veterinary Practice

Kate Boatright, VMD As concerns about over-vaccination and vaccine-associated injuries have grown in human medicine, vaccine compliance has decreased. In some areas, these concerns have spilled over into veterinary medicine and led pet owners to question the vaccine protocols recommended by their veterinarian. Due to these concerns, vaccine titre may be requested in lieu of… Continue Reading

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