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Anaesthesia in Patients Suffering a Heart Murmur

Heart murmurs diagnosed on precordial auscultation are a significant finding that warrant further clinical investigation. The clinical implications of the murmur requires consideration to determine the anaesthetic risk. 2 Patient signalment, presenting complaint, presence of concurrent diseases, exercise tolerance and current medication are important considerations to address during a pre-anaesthetic evaluation. A heart murmur per se is not a contraindication, but rather a caution for general anaesthesia in a patient not showing clinical signs. The drug… Continue Reading

Please Don’t Leave me Alone! Or I'll eat the house...

Like mini-missiles set to mangle, pets with separation anxiety take it out on every floor and piece of furniture in sight. Destruction, barking, whining, inappropriate elimination, excessive salivation—the clinical signs of this behaviour disorder are irritating at best. (At worst, of course, some sweet pet loses a home and never gets a second chance.) Veterinary behaviourist Dr. John Ciribassi offers these dos and don’ts to encouraging dogs’ self-reliance, which helps keep the anxiety in check. Ideally, saving… Continue Reading

Eastern Cape/Oos-Kaap Port Alfred Full-time Veterinarian required

Eastern Cape/Oos-Kaap Port Alfred Full-time Veterinarian required to join our 2-vet team at well-equipped smallanimal clinic. Port Alfred is a delightful small seaside town in the heart of the Eastern Cape Sunshine coast, with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. This position offers the ideal opportunity for a veterinarian to work in a pleasant and fulfilling… Continue Reading

Cape Town Veterinary assistant needed

Cape Town Veterinary assistant needed for branch practice. We are looking for an experienced veterinarian to run a small branch practice in Fish Hoek, Cape Town. You’ll need to be comfortable consulting sole charge but will have the full back up of our main branch in Glencairn, 10 minutes away. Attractive rota with shared, limited… Continue Reading

Free state/Vrystaat Bloemfontein Bloemfontein Vet Hospital

Free state/Vrystaat Bloemfontein Bloemfontein Vet Hospital requires one full-time veterinarian to join us at our well- equipped multi-man mixed practice. There is a partnership opportunity for the right person, SAVA recommended salary rates paid, new graduates welcome. Please contact us at 051 444 1460, or Dr Ryan Niemand 082 772 9598 Continue Reading

The SAVA Stress Management Hotline

TheSAVA Stress Management Hotline is there to assist members who are experiencing personal problems by offering access to professional counselling/advice. The hotline can assist with referrals or simply offer much needed emotional support when anxiety, depression, anger, grief, loneliness and fear are at their highest. Prof Ken Pettey 082 882 7356 Dr Sunelle Strydom… Continue Reading


HEALTHFORANIMALS is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation representing manufacturers of veterinary pharmaceuticals, vaccines and other animal health products throughout the world, as well as the associations that represent companies at national and regional levels (referred to as Members). The animal health industry provides value to society by protecting animals and as a consequence, humans, from disease.… Continue Reading


The SAVA federal council and board of directors recently approved new membership rules, to align the rules with the SAVA Memorandum of Incorporation that was approved at a special general meeting during 2015. These will be made available on the SAVA website; some of the important aspects are highlighted below. Categories The new rules provide… Continue Reading

First Puppies Born by in vitro fertilization

The breakthrough, described in a study published online in the journal Public Library of Science ONE, opens the door for conserving endangered canid species, using gene-editing technologies to eradicate heritable diseases in dogs and for study of genetic diseases. Canines share more than 350 similar heritable disorders and traits with humans, almost twice the number… Continue Reading


February 20th, celebrates National Love Your Pet Day.  This “unofficial” National holiday is a day set aside to give extra attention to and pamper your pets that you love everyday.   This is a good day to focus on the special relationship that you have with your pets. Our pets give us so much.  They… Continue Reading

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