Monthly Archives: Jul 2015

Good news!

Good News! SAVC now recognise VET360 certificate of attendance for any event! Log attendance during event (geolocation is nb) then print certificate @ Remember to update App & refresh content often Continue Reading

Bacterial Contamination of Multi-Use Fluid Bags

By Anthony P. Carr, Dr. Med. Vet., DACVIM Bacterial infections should concern any veterinarian, particularly if they are caused iatrogenically. Recent studies, briefly described below, found only minor levels of contaminations in reused intravenous fluid bags but more on ports after several days. Intravenous fluid bag colonization Although we all know it’s a less-than-ideal practice,… Continue Reading

Summary of Studies on  Equine Blue Light Therapy

Summary of Studies on Equine Blue Light Therapy

Blue lights dotted across the landscape of the Thoroughbred breeding hubs of the northern and southern hemispheres have become a common sight as a new equine breeding technology is embraced by horse breeders.  The source of the light? An innovative mobile lighting device for horses; the Equilume Light Mask (ELM). The technology was developed by… Continue Reading

Vomiting Cat Cases: You Can Figure Them Out

Vomiting Cat Cases: You Can Figure Them Out

Debra L. Zoran, DVM, PhD, DACVIM College of Veterinary Medicine, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas Vomiting, one of the most common reasons for cats to be presented for evaluation, is often considered to be “normal.”  There is some truth to the idea that cats vomit more readily from eating too much or too fast;… Continue Reading

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