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Volume 9, Issue 3, July 2022

Edition Date Topics Author Sections CPD
903 Jul-22 Budgeting within a Veterinary Practice Andrew Christie Business / Social Media
903 Jul-22 Ocular Neoplasia in Cats Izak Venter Ophthalmology
903 Jul-22 Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome: The Significance to South African veterinarians Mareli Smallberger CPD CPD
903 Jul-22 Electrochemotherapy: Perspective from a Medicine Specialist Interview
903 Jul-22 Physiotherapy can Improve the Outcome of Canine Patients with Acute Neurological Conditions.

Tanya Grantham

903 Jul-22 Common Canine Spinal Disease Simplified

Joan Capuzzi, VMD

903 Jul-22 Making the Cut: Surgical Versus Medical
Management of Canine Disk Disease 26

Joan Capuzzi, VMD

903 Jul-22 Not Letting Sleeping Dogs Lie Unistel Pets




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Vet360 Articles

The ABCs of Veterinary Dentistry: When Waiting is Wishful Thinking

Jan Bellows, DVM, DAVDC, DABVP, FAVD Sometimes waiting to perform treatment is the best course of action when a patient presents with dental concerns, as noted in the August issue of dvm360® (“The ABCs of veterinary dentistry: W is for waiting to treat”). But other times waiting is simply not an option—the patient’s problem needs… Continue Reading

Help with Challenges in Eyelid Surgery

Ron Ofri, DVM, PhD, DECVO Conditions in which the eyelid rubs against the eyeball, as well as drooping eyelids, can only be corrected surgically. Here’s a look at the appropriate procedures for various conditions. Proper eyelid anatomy is essential for protecting the globe, as well as for distributing the tear film on the ocular surface.… Continue Reading

How to Engage Cat Owners in Life-Long Preventive Care

Eric D. Garcia Simply Done Tech Solutions, LLC Tampa, Florida, USA “Time spent with cats is never wasted.” – Sigmund Freud The unique relationships we form with animals is something of a spiritual experience. The way that they can sense our emotions, or that we can read their moods just by looking at their… Continue Reading

Ocular Ultrasonography in Small Animals

Sam Mauchlen MRCVS BVM&S Ultrasound is used routinely by veterinary ophthalmologists to evaluate ocular and orbital structures. Ultrasonographic assessment of eye facilitates the examination of intraocular structures in cases where pathology is obscuring the normal anatomy and can aid in the detection and evaluation of intraocular conditions such as neoplasia. Additionally, ultrasound can be used… Continue Reading

The Blue Patient: Approach to Respiratory Emergencies in Small Animals

Atkinson, B.K. BSc Veterinary Biology, BVSc Veterinary Science (Hons), MMedVet (Small Animal Medicine) Resident. University of Pretoria, Onderstepoort Veterinary Academic Hospital, Old Soutpan Road (M35), Onderstepoort, Pretoria, 0110. Email: Respiratory distress is a common clinical emergency veterinarians are faced with. Respiratory pathology may be the reason these animals are presented or be the unfortunate… Continue Reading

An Overview of Interdog Aggression

Dr Aileen Pypers, BSc, BVSc (UP), PGDip (SU) Many people who share their homes and lives with a dog have more than one dog and while this can enrich and improve the lives of the people and the dogs in this situation, it can also lead to a situation where dogs living together in a… Continue Reading

Suicide Prevention: How to be Someone’s Person

After I shared my own story with the veterinary world regarding depression and suicidal thoughts, I learned how valuable it is to be there for that person and how an inch can, in fact, be a mile. Question: What’s the difference between enjoying the scenery and falling off a cliff? Answer: One inch. Earlier this… Continue Reading

The ABCs of Veterinary Dentistry: ‘W’ is for Waiting to Treat

When it comes to dental care, sometimes the best course of action is no action at all. I can vividly remember back in 1974 when Dr. Wiggins, one of my professors at Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine, advised us students to wait until a deciduous “double” tooth falls out by itself. Fast forward many… Continue Reading

From Periphery to Perception: The Pathway to Pain

Sarah Mouton Dowdy In explaining how a noxious stimulus in the periphery becomes an electrical impulse in the cerebral cortex, veterinary anaesthesiologist Dr. Mike Barletta ultimately makes a case for multimodal pain management. Physiologic pain, or acute adaptive pain—the kind that prompts you to pull your hand away when you touch a hot stove, can… Continue Reading

Diagnosis and Management of GI Motility Disorders

Albert E. Jergens, DVM, PhD, DACVIM Gastrointestinal motility disorders are a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge for many practitioners. Here’s how to narrow down the affected area so you can identify the cause and provide appropriate treatment. Gastrointestinal (GI) motility disturbances are widely under recognised in dogs and cats, primarily because we do not have good… Continue Reading

LHPG Articles

Pathogenesis, prevention and  treatment of postpartum uterine disease

Pathogenesis, prevention and treatment of postpartum uterine disease

Robert O. Gilbert Professor of Theriogenology, Associate Dean, Academic Affairs,Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine,Basseterre, St. Kitts & Nevis, West Indies. From RuVASA Proceedings 2018 Introduction Postpartum diseases are common in dairy cows, and their incidence contributes to reduced fertility and increased risk of culling, making their prevention and management extremely important.  Reproductive efficiency has… Continue Reading

Field Vasectomy in Rams (Herbst Technique)

Field Vasectomy in Rams (Herbst Technique)

Dr Francois van Niekerk Humansdorp Veterinary Clinic 01 Place ram in sitting position on table [mules bed/cradle works well, so does a wheelbarrow, deep type, used by builders for concrete]. 02 With sheep shears shear/clip wool on abdomen cranial to scrotum [about 10cm]  and on cranial  aspect of  the neck of the scrotum. 03 The surgical area is … Continue Reading

CPD: Abortion and Stillbirth Investigation – PART 01: External Examination of the Fetus

CPD: Abortion and Stillbirth Investigation – PART 01: External Examination of the Fetus

Dr Rick Last – BVSc; M.Med.Vet (Pathology) Specialist Veterinary Pathologist Maximizing the use of the Fetus and Placenta Introduction The value of post mortem examination on abortions/stillbirths is often overlooked and extremely underutilized. It is a very simple and practical procedure which requires the use of simple non-expensive equipment, that is easily transportable, and so… Continue Reading

The 4 Approaches to Disease Prevention

The 4 Approaches to Disease Prevention

Dr Danie Odendaal – Veterinarian Network Increase general resistance, Increase specific resistance, Decrease exposure, and Prevent exposure. As discussed previously, the development process of every disease is different and therefore the prevention or management of every disease also needs a different approach to prevent or interrupt the process. Basically, 4 approaches are used in the… Continue Reading

Seasons in the SCC

Seasons in the SCC

Dr Alf Lategan and Dr Martin van der Leek All over the world, dairies experience an increase in somatic cell count (SCC) during summer and autumn. The extent to which climatological factors contribute to this increase in South Africa is unknown, although the weather is blamed anecdotally. Consequently, the value of heat abatement or other… Continue Reading

The costly effects of low blood calcium levels (hypocalcaemia) in freshly calved dairy cows

The costly effects of low blood calcium levels (hypocalcaemia) in freshly calved dairy cows

Dr Barry Coates (BVSc)  ‘Clinical’ milk fever and subclinical hypocalcaemia are essentially the same thing – they are both low available calcium levels in the blood. It’s only the degree or severity that differentiates the two conditions. It’s the subclinical hypocalcaemia however, that is far more costly than clinical milk fever for two simple, devastating… Continue Reading

Blood Transfusion in  Bovines

Blood Transfusion in Bovines

Dr Francois van Niekerk Humansdorp Veterinary Clinic DONOR Requirements Xylazine   1.2 ml  IM 2. Lignocaine 3. 23g needle 4. Nº 10 or 15 scalpel blade and handle 5. Blood collection needle [4 – 5mm internal diameter, available from Instavet] or trocar & cannula of similar diameter. Large plastic funnel plus plastic tube  [latter optional]… Continue Reading

CPD: Wirevax: Vaccination against Haemonchus contortus in sheep

CPD: Wirevax: Vaccination against Haemonchus contortus in sheep

Dr Hanre Ferreira Vaccination against helminths is a control concept that is currently being successfully applied in the control of Dictyocaulus viviparus (lungworm) infection in cattle in some parts of the world. Similar attempts have been made to develop vaccines against several economically important gastrointestinal nematodes in small stock and cattle (Ekoja & Smith 2010;… Continue Reading

Heifer Plan for Optimal Fertility and Herd Health

Heifer Plan for Optimal Fertility and Herd Health

Dr Danie Odendaal Key Points Fertility and health of a beef cattle herd can be built in stages over a five year period by focusing specifically on the management of replacement heifers. Improving fertility is based on selection, for functional efficiency and careful management of replacement heifers from weaning, until the end of their second… Continue Reading

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