Vets Take on Joberg2C Challenge for Rhino’s

Vets Take on Joberg2C Challenge for Rhino’s

Three passionate veterinarians will go beyond the call of duty, covering 900 rugged kilometres across four provinces of South Africa over 9 days from 21 to 29 April in the 2017 joBerg2c, to raise funds for saving the iconic rhino.

Two Small Animal Veterinarians from the UK – Paul Meiring of Companion Care in Chesterfield and Jason Davidson of Companion Care in Derby – will join South African Wildlife veterinarian, Brendan Tindall from Plettenburg Bay and his riding partner, Robin Beetge from Johannesburg in riding the Joberg2c Mountain Bike Challenge to raise funds for the Chipembere Rhino Foundation (CRF), based in South Africa’s Eastern Cape province.

Their aim is to create awareness of the desperate plight of rhinos, encourage support from communities in both the UK and South Africa and raise funds via their Just Giving pages to allow the CRF to continue its efforts in to combat the tragic rhino poaching crisis in Southern Africa.

The CRF specialises in sourcing, testing and funding technology for effective monitoring of rhino; funding K9 handlers and their tracking and apprehension dogs; providing anti-poaching teams with vital equipment; funding equipment needed to translocate rhino across Southern Africa and collaborating with other likeminded NGO’s and companies.

“It is my deepest wish that my children’s children can share the joy of seeing rhino roaming free in Africa!” says Brendan. “Over the last two decades, I have developed a deep compassion for these gentle giants and I am committed to fighting for their survival. On an ongoing basis, I tend to the wounds of the rhino survivors or dig through the remains of the unfortunate ones to extract valuable forensic information. I remove the horns and apply radio transmitters to those that remain in a bid to make them less vulnerable. Organisations like the Chipembere Rhino Foundation provide much-needed support for protecting this iconic species.”

It is easy to show your support for these vets who give so selflessly of their time to make a positive difference to the plight of the fast-dwindling numbers of rhino. Simply help Paul and Jason reach their Team Target of £4,000 (UK) through their simple, fast and totally secure Just Giving page or contribute to Brendan’s target of R20,000 on his South African Just Giving page

“The donations and support from ordinary, caring citizens, no matter how small, make a massive difference on the ground,” says Brent Cook, founder of CRF. “With your support, we can ensure that our children and their children will be able to enjoy the magnificent sight of a rhino roaming wild, knowing that our generation did not shy away from our responsibility to protect and preserve the precious natural heritage bestowed on us.”

For more information about the 9-day joBerg2c mountain bike race in South Africa, visit and to find out more about the Chipembere Rhino Foundation, go to or on Facebook at

Chipembere Rhino Foundation:

As an NGO run by volunteers, CRF specialises in continuously sourcing, testing and funding technology for effective monitoring of rhino; funding tracking and apprehension rhino dogs; providing anti-poaching teams with vital equipment;collaborating with wildlife reserves and raising awareness. The exceptional commitment of the CRF team, its volunteers and donors, as well as the public, ensures the Foundation provides tangible equipment, intelligence, technology, education and relocation assistance to rhino custodians across Southern Africa.

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