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Current Recommendations Regarding the Use of Antibiotics in Small Animal Dermatology
DATE: 28 MARCH 2017
TIME: Session 1: 12:00
Session 2: 20:00
COST: Absolutely Free – compliments of Virbac

Dr Andy Leisewitz

Antibiotic resistance is increasing across the globe and it is a direct consequence of the wide use of these drugs. For decades antibiotics have been used indiscriminately and without any underpinning evidence to support use. The treatment of bacterial skin infections in dogs is commonplace and has traditionally demanded higher doses, for longer and with drugs that are broad spectrum. The way we steward these drugs has a direct bearing on their long term usefulness and the antibiotic drug resistance patterns we see. Our focus as clinicians needs to be on confirming the presence of an infection, identifying the causative organism, selecting an appropriate mode of treatment and identifying underlying and predisposing causes. It is imperative that for superficial and surface infections that we make increased use of topical treatments and avoid systemic administration. When using systemic antibiotics careful consideration needs to be given to selecting an appropriate first or second tier drug. Third tier drugs should very rarely be used and only under the supervision of a specialist.

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