The SAVA federal council and board of directors recently approved new membership rules, to align the rules with the SAVA Memorandum of Incorporation that was approved at a special general meeting during 2015. These will be made available on the SAVA website; some of the important aspects are highlighted below.


The new rules provide for the following categories of membership:

1. Voting members

• Ordinary Members – veterinarians who are registered and in good standing with the SA Veterinary Council, who pay full membership fees.
• Junior Members – new graduates for the first two years after registration as a veterinarian, who pay a reduced membership fee as determined by the Board from time to time.
• Retired Members – members who have attained the age of 65 years and have paid 35 (thirty-five) consecutive annual subscriptions (exceptions to this can be approved by the board), who pay no membership fees.
• Honorary Life Members – elected by the federal council on the recommendation of the awards committee, based on long and valuable support/ outstanding service to the SAVA, and pay no membership fees.
• Life Members – members who were previously accorded life membership on the basis of long term membership as previously defined.

2. Non-voting Members

• Non-Practicing Members – veterinarians who, for any reason, do not practice veterinary medicine or are not actively involved in veterinary science within the borders of South Africa, who pay membership fees as determined by the board.
• Cadet Members – students in veterinary science from their first year of study at a Faculty of Veterinary Science in South, who do not pay membership fees.
• Honorary Associate Members – non-veterinarians, elected by the federal council on the recommendation of the awards committee.

3. Other

• Under special circumstances, and after the submission of a comprehensive motivation to the board, a reduction in membership fees can be granted. This will only be valid for a single year and has to be applied for annually.
• No special dispensation is made for married couples (where both partners are members) or similar.

Membership fees

The SAVA board of directors will decide on membership fees on an annual basis, as part of the budgeting process.

• Members will be invoiced at the beginning of a calendar year, and invoices are payable within 30 days. Members will be given the option of payment in full, through debit order or in instalments. The board may decide on an “early bird” discount, if fees are paid by a certain date.
• Friendly reminders will be sent to members who have not paid within the 30 days period.
• Failure to pay membership fees within 90 days of date of invoice will result in suspension of all benefits. Members will be informed accordingly (second reminder). Benefits will be reinstated on receipt of payment.
• If full payment was not received by the end of the financial year, membership will be terminated.
• New members will be invoiced on application; if they join the SAVA after 1 May of a calendar year will only be required to pay a pro rata membership fee.

Termination of membership

A member may terminate his/her membership at any time in writing (including e-mail). This termination will only be valid from the beginning of the financial year subsequent to the resignation, and the member remains liable for payment of membership fees for the current financial year. The Directors have the power, in their sole and absolute discretion, to terminate the membership of a member.

Temporary suspension of membership

A member may request temporary suspension of membership in writing when they interrupt practicing their profession for a year or longer for whatever reason. If this is requested during a financial year, a pro rata discount can be considered.

See full membership rules here

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