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Nice-n-Easy-Banner22Equus Horse Feeds are manufactured in the Driehoek Feeds Mill, which has more than 20 years experience in the milling trade. With stringent quality controls, an innovative spirit, and a proactive attitude to the latest research, Driehoek Feeds has developed a range of products respected throughout South Africa.

An increased demand within the Equine industry for the use of more natural feeding techniques to promote better digestive health resulted in the development of the Equus range of horse feeds. Equus products follow the global trend of emphasising the use of more natural fibres, whilst limiting Non structural Carbohydrates (NSC) in equine diets. Such changes to the equine diet have been responsible for noticeable improvements in the general health and wellbeing of horses, and in the last few years Equus products have achieved impressive results in various arenas including Showing, Showjumping, Dressage, Endurance and Breeding.

Only the best raw materials are sourced for our equine division which produces horse feed more naturally, more wholesome and more environmentally friendly than the market standard.

Equus feeds is a registered AFMA (Animal Feed Manufacturers Association) member and complies with their strict code of conduct in all aspects of our manufacturing. The Driehoek mill utilises the use of Near-Infrared Spectroscopy to analyse raw materials, in processed products, as well as finished products. This facilitates stringent controls of incoming raw materials and ingredients to maximise quality and to assist in achieving a strict consistency in all our finished products.

At Equus we ensure 100% compliance with all legislation applicable to the animal feed industry, including all applicable GMO regulations. We keep abreast and study thoroughly the latest developments and scientific research on the effect of GMO’s on the health and performance of equines and ensure at all times that we are using the best possible ingredients. It is however extremely difficult to ensure that all ingredients are GM free as the prevention of cross contamination between GMO and non GMO raw materials (eg. Maize and soya) is not actively encouraged by legislation and therefore not pursued by the grain and raw material handling industry in SA.

Equus also performs routine testing on all our products to ensure they are certified free of selenomycin and monensin prior to distribution, thus setting new standards within the industry.

You will never look back… except at your competitors!

Contact: 0734235491 or 0839986824

Equus Feeds

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