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With the increased incidence of rabies in previously stable areas I have also included a brief protocol on specimen collection with links to the OVI for correct documentation. Make sure your rabies vaccinations are up to date! The article by Dr Carter and (reviewed) by myself on neck pain, is an important guideline in how to approach these patients and use lesion localisation and pattern recognition to assist in making a diagnosis. It isnt always rocket science!

Vets, Are You Protected Against Rabies?

ADVERTORIAL Brought to you by – Merial Veterinarians and healthcare professionals are at the forefront of the fight against rabies. By vaccinating dogs and cats and educating clients, they aim to reduce the number of rabies cases and take proactive preventative health measures for both animals and public health. However, veterinarians, their technicians and other… Continue Reading

Pulmonary Hypertension

RUSSELL J LEADSOM – BVSc CertVC MRCVS A review of the pathophysiology, symptoms, diagnosis and available treatment of pulmonary hypertension in veterinary patients. In the last decade pulmonary hypertension (PH) has become well recognised in veterinary patients, but remains an elusive condition that is infrequently diagnosed. Despite many (human) advances in the research of PH,… Continue Reading

Deciphering pet food labels

Dr Martin de Scally – BVSc, Hons MMedVet (Med) Sonja Maricevic – Technical director Veterinarians are often faced with the task of comparing pet food labeling in order to choose the best diet for their patients. This article will give you some simple rules of thumb useful when scrutinizing front of bag claims, ingredient lists… Continue Reading

Shampoo as good as drugs in treating superficial Pyoderma? Journal Scan

Borio S, Colombo S, La Rosa G, et al. Effectiveness of a combined (4% chlorhexidine digluconate shampoo and solution) protocol in MRS and non-MRS canine superficial pyoderma: a randomized, blinded, antibiotic-controlled study. Vet Dermatol 2015;26:339-345. Summarised by Jennifer L. Garcia, DVM, DACVIM Why they did it The emergence of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria involved in… Continue Reading

Comparison of Serum Spec fPL and a new Serum Lipase (DGGR) Assay in 60 cats using pancreatic histopathology as the gold standard Journal Scan

Summarised by: Dr Liesel van der Merwe BVSc MMedVet (Med) Comparison of Serum Spec fPL™ and a New Serum Lipase (DGGR) Assay in 60 Cats Using Pancreatic Histopathology as the Gold Standard Comparison of serum Spec fPL ™ and 1,2-o-dilauryl-rac-glycero-3-glutaric acid –(6’-methylresorufin)-ester assay in 60 cats using standardised assessment of pancreatic histology. S Opplinger et… Continue Reading

Interdigital Cyst Syndrome in dogs

  Dr Heidi Schroeder, BVSc MMedVet(Med) Small Animal Physician Canine interdigital cyst syndrome (aka pedal folliculitis, interdigital pyoderma or interdigital furunculosis) is one of the clinical manifestations of canine pododermatitis where lesions are confined to the feet only. This condition is often misdiagnosed as a foreign body or a non-resolving pyoderma. It is a frustrating… Continue Reading

The ABCs of veterinary dentistry Brought to You by The Letter "D"

June 16, 2016 By Jan Bellows, DVM, DAVDC, DABVP, FAVD DVM360 MAGAZINE The fun continues on our alphabetic journey through the management of our veterinary patients’ oral problems. We’ve only just begun discussing the fundamentals of companion animal dentistry (check out the breakdown of letters “A,” “B” and “C,” anesthesia and basic concepts, here), and… Continue Reading

Neck Pain In Smaller and Medium Breed Dogs

Dr. Alain Carter BVSc (Hons) MMedVet(Med) – Fourways Veterinary Hospital and Specialist Referral Centre. Reviewed and Edited by Liesel van der Merwe BVSc (Hons) MMedVet (Med) Neck pain is a common presenting clinical problem encountered by the general practitioner. Localizing the lesion is accually quite logical, although diagnostic tests identifying the cause can be more… Continue Reading

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