Category Archives: Vet360 Vol 4 Issue 5

Dr Freddy Hurley has written a brief article on compulsive disorders. It is CPD registered and I would urge veterinarians to read it. It is all too often I get confronted with a patient with an acral lick granuloma or a tail chaser which has endured countless unsuccessful surgeries, bandages and buster collars, but never had the primary cause treated. This condition occurs commonly and there is no excuse for incomplete management.

Compulsive Disorders in Dogs

Stereotypical behaviour describes repetitive, ritualised, out-of-context locomotor behaviour, such as pacing, circling, or shuffling. Compulsive behaviour was introduced to capture behaviours related to stereotype behaviour, but that are non-locomotor (vocalisation, licking, self-mutilation, staring, holding an object or part of body, staring into space). Today the term compulsive disorder is used as a general term for… Continue Reading

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