Category Archives: Vet 360 Vol 4 Issue 6

This edition has several articles dedicated to the more behavioural aspects of veterinary science. Far from being benign, behavioural conditions can really put strain on the owner-pet bond and result in euthanasia of the pet. How often don’t we have to euthanase otherwise healthy pets? The surgery article has highlighted the importance of preparation, planning and underlying the basic biomechanical forcers. Not rocket science – but so often neglected in our rush to just get things done.

1. Cognitive Dysfunction of Ageing Dogs and 2. Nutrition and Anti-Oxidants

By Dr Liesel van der Merwe This short article attempts to summarise the most salient and practical aspects of the oxidative stress in the body and what mechanisms the body employs to minimise manage it. Oxidative stress is a by-product of daily metabolic functions which enable living. The majority of complex life on earth requires oxygen for its existence… Continue Reading

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