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In this final edition we have an article from the world renowned Tempel Grandin on cattle welfare in feedlots but these principles can be applied to all cattle that are being intensively managed. Over the last couple of weeks the pathologists have been diagnosing Heartwater in areas of our country that have never previously seen the disease. Our CPD this month is therefore critical to remind us that the epidemiology of the parasite borne diseases is constantly changing and we as vets need to stay aware that just because the problem wasn’t ours yesterday that it won’t pitch up in our neighbourhood tomorrow. For those of us practicing in drought areas the final article is just to end off the year with some wisdom from our elders. Written in the 1930’s it seems they had the same problems to overcome as we do today. The fact that we are still here reading this means that this drought too will pass.

Heartwater in Cattle and Small Ruminants

By Dr. P.H. Mapham, BVSc (Hon) and Dr. J.H. Vorster, BVSc, MMedVet(Path) Introduction According to Dr PG Marais heartwater was first diagnosed in the North-eastern Transvaal in 1838 (now Mpumalanga) and he makes the interesting comment that the actual origin of the disease is unknown and that it is doubtful whether the disease is indigenous to South… Continue Reading

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