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Welcome to the August issue of the Review.
With all the CPD events running throughout the country at the moment, everyone has a plethora of chances to meet up with colleagues and gain some points. In the quiet of your office or free moment at home. I hope that this gives you an extra opportunity to absorb some new information as we constantly strive to improve our knowledge and skills as pressure mounts for us to become consultants of the ever growing herd health campaign.

Update on Chlamydia Abortion of Ruminants

Dr Rick Last – Specialist Veterinary Pathologist Vetdiagnostix – Veterinary Pathology Services Introduction The previously revised classification system of the Family Chlamydiaceae (1990) separated the Genus into Chlamydia and Chlamydophila. In 2010 the taxonomists proposed that only a single Genus (Chlamydia) should be considered in the Family and so the Genus Chlamydophila has now fallen… Continue Reading

Endometritis in Cattle

Endometritis in cattle is defined as inflammation of the uterine endometrium more than 21 days post-partum and not associated with systemic signs of illness. It can be divided into clinical endometritis or cytological endometritis based on certain diagnostic criteria. Clinical endometritis is characterised by the presence of a mucopurulent discharge from the vagina. Cytological endometritis… Continue Reading

The effect of cobalt dietary restriction on goats immune responses

Eugene H. Johnson*, Khalid Al-Habsi, Rashid Al-Busaidi, Mohammed Al-Abri. Impaired antibody response and phagocytosis in goats fed a diet low in cobalt. Small Ruminant Research 140 (2016) 27–31. Why they did it Small ruminants, such as sheep develop serious clinical signs of vitamin B12 deficiency when they are fed diets containing low levels of cobalt.… Continue Reading

Barloworld Transport, Meadow Feeds Join to Bring Relief to Pomfret Animals

Issued by Meropa Communications on behalf of Barloworld Transport. For more information, please contact Rosa McLaren, Barloworld Transport Marketing General Manager tel: +27 33 395 7400 | cell: +27 63 407 4362 | | July 04, 2016: Thousands of suffering animals in the drought-stricken town of Pomfret in the Kalahari region have been… Continue Reading

Lab Updates Vetdiagnostix Veterinary Pathology Services

Dr. P.H. Mapham, BVSc (Hon) 78 Craigie Drive Pietermaritzburg, 3201 Tel no: 033 347 2259 Cell No: 082 771 3227 E-mail: Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics update Many fluoroquinolones have been developed over the years, from the original chloroquine. The various pharmaceutical companies subdivided them into generations, according to structural differences. These structural differences are allied to… Continue Reading

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