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Welcome everyone to the May issue of The Review. I was reading this week about two studies; one was done in Finland where they assessed the risk of childhood atopy. They believe it is due to a modified immunological response based on early exposure of neonate and child to many different antigens and an appropriate response developed early on. In the second article, researchers at the University of Nottingham exposed pregnant ewes to pastures which were treated with agricultural sewage sludge-derived fertilizer. They found significant changes to the ovarian development and primordial follicle pool present at birth in the offspring. Two completely different studies but both brought home to me the importance of the period from conception, through birth and into puberty in the stock that we advise on and treat.

Common Foal Emergencies and Diseases

Dr Karin Kruger, BVSc, MSc, DACVIM Equine Specialist Physician 7 Nov 2015 Timing is Everything Neonatal medicine can be extremely rewarding (although incredibly time consuming) if a diagnosis is made and appropriate treatments given timeously. In order to identify abnormalities as soon as possible, all valuable equine births should be observed by a competent person.… Continue Reading

The Effect of Digital Dermatitis on Hoof Conformation

A. Gomez ,*1 N. B. Cook ,* J. Rieman ,* K. A. Dunbar ,* K. E. Cooley ,* M. T. Socha ,† and D. Döpfer * J. Dairy Sci. 98 : 927–936 10.3168/jds.2014-8483 © American Dairy Science Association®, 2015 . Why they did it Digital dermatitis is reported by the authors to be the… Continue Reading

Bovine Respiratory Disease Complex: Infectious causes

By Dr B.B. Van Houten, Technical Manager: Zoetis South Africa (Pty) Ltd Bovine respiratory disease (BRD) is a broad definition of the complex disease process which is the single most important animal health factor affecting the health and profitability of cattle operations around the world.1 It is estimated that BRD costs the USA beef industry… Continue Reading

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