Pathology snippet… or Snap-it! Cape Town

By Rick Last BVSc, MMedVet (Path) MRCVS

  • As a dour veterinary pathologist I pride myself in the following:
  • I no longer get bitten by 75 kg Rotweillers.
  • I no longer suffer multiple lacerations while attempting to give cats pills.
  • I no longer get defecated on down the back of my overalls by bulls, while I am crouched below their rear end measuring testicular circumference.
  • I no longer have to prance around in a crash helmet collecting urethral swabs from virile stallions for CEM testing.

So when I received a phone call from a local crocodile farmer that he had dropped of a crocodile for post mortem at our Post Mortem Room I thought it was going to be another pretty routine task.

However, check out what arrived for post mortem – but it was not dead yet!!!! I though damn, where’s Crocodile Dundee when you need him most. Being a proud South African I simply applied the “Boer maak n plan” principles and as you can see I sorted out that crocodile with absolutely no problem

.croc snippet or snappitcroc-snippet-or-snappet-2

Who needs Crocodile Dundee anyway?

Please submit interesting/unusual/funny/strange case studies or situations for publication. Ed



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